The key to this success over $45 Million?

From your point of view..

An Outstanding Marketing Strategy or a Professional and Low-Cost Whitening Teeth Product ?


Definitely both..!

Low-Cost Whitening Teeth at Home 

Our formula designed by health care professionals, at the cutting edge of tooth whitening technology has very affordable costs. Unlike traditional tooth whitening at your dentist's office, which has high costs.

We are proud to have a whitening formula that gives maximum results without pain or sensitivity, and for a low budget as $59.99.


Outstanding Marketing Strategy

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We can also point out a hard work of online marketing. We also maintain partnerships with several pharmacies around the world and other important business partners in the dental community.

UBright currently totals more than 750,000 whitening teeth products sold in 2 years. This is more than 1,000 orders per day.

Among the top 5 companies that have grown the fastest-growing since its launch.


The Simplest and Most Effective way to Whiten your Teeth

A white smile is a must today. Everyone agrees on this point. To achieve a perfect white smile without damaging your gums or teeth, there is no other choice than to use professional quality products. That's why we have developed a professional product in a home format.

Ubright Teeth Whitening Kit becomes essential for all our customers to maintain good dental hygiene and to have perfectly white teeth. That's one of the reasons why the company currently has a record second purchase per customer of 88%!

A rate that is usually less than 30% for most businesses.